Our Team

Anthony J Collins

Anthony J Collins, PharmD, RPh graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (USP) with his doctorate in pharmacy degree in 2004. Anthony is the managing pharmacist & owner with over 30 years of experience as he proudly helps care for Central Texas residents. He enjoys playing competitive chess, darts, fishing, watching sports/racing, coaching youth sports, and spending free time with his family. Tony also began serving the community in 2023 as a pharmacist for the Bell County Health Department.

Chanin Wright

Chanin Wright, PharmD, RPh serves as a part time pharmacist here. She works full time for Scott & White. She also is a pharmacy instructor that teaches courses for a pharmacy school in Japan. She has recently obtained her MBA degree from Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi campus in 2021.

Katie Collins

Katie Collins is a certified pharmacy technician after successfully passing her CPhT exam in March 2021. She is also the wife of Anthony Collins and holds an ownership stake in the pharmacy, Katie now seeks to obtain advanced level certifications on her license for compounding and vaccine administration. Katie serves as the business finance manager and human resource manager in addition to contributing to preparing patient prescriptions as a pharmacy technician. Katie also holds a bachelors degree in the culinary arts but finds the hours of a pharmacy professional better for her family life as a mother of two now aspiring to become healthcare professionals.

Amanda Fisher

Amanda Fisher joins the pharmacy as a support staff Pharmacy Technician. She is a recent graduate from Harker Heights High School that completed the Pharmacy Technician Training Program at the KISD Career Center and passed her Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. This is her 1st Job in the profession of pharmacy. She starts her journey towards an advanced degree at Texas A & M (Bryan / College Station Campus) in the Fall of 2023. Her favorite movie is the Princess Bride. She enjoys hand making clothing (sewing & crochet) and also baking in her downtime.

John Holzheimer

John Holzheimer joins the team as the new pharmacy delivery driver. He enjoys watching sports/racing and movies. He has one son who is a marine stationed at Quantico Virginia..

Destynee Pena

Destynee Pena is a Pharmacy Tech Trainee that has completed a pharmacy technician training program. She is originally from San Antonio Texas but moved here to attend nursing school in Central Texas. Destynee works full time in the pharmacy while simultaneously attending college full time. She is a proud dog owner that works to find homes for doggies in her spare time. She likes Crocs, UMHB, Jersey Shore, and prefers driving Trucks.

Brian Collins

Brian Collins is the son of Katie & Anthony Collins. He joins the pharmacy team part time while attending Harker Heights High School. His role is as a Pharmacy Front End Clerk with a focus on organizing the sales floor and keeping the pharmacy clean. Brian enjoys playing competitive chess, darts, gaming, and JROTC. He was the 1st Harker Heights JROTC member ever to obtain a certification in robotics and he currently runs the robotics division of JROTC in Harker Heights High School.

Cary Johnson

Cary joins our pharmacy team as a part time certified pharmacy technician with 10 years experience. He previously worked for the DoD (Department of Defense) pharmacies. He is an automobile enthusiast. He enjoys listening to oldies music and working on/with or fixing electronics & automobiles. To relax Cary likes to takes long drives and listen to music. He says he enjoys learning new things in the pharmacy world and wants to take this opportunity to help as many patients improve their health & well-being as possible.

Pharmacy Verification Statistics since Jan 2019

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Prescription / Compounding Stats since Jan 2019

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*Note: We are primarily a walk in Retail Pharmacy that offers compound services to help fulfill patient medication needs. We only provide Non-Sterile USP 795 compliant compounding. We DO NOT compound any eye drops OR injectable medications (Including Semaglutide & Tirzepatide). We also do not compound any commercially available product formulations. We do not market our compounding services to physicians. We conduct compounding with integrity and strictly only prepare compounded medications if reasonably ordered by a prescriber with good professional judgment to attempt to improve the health of or treat a health condition for a specific patient.

Prescription Preparation since Jan 2019

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*Bold names are active employees in the pharmacy.

Thank you to all are current and former employees that have contributed to helping us serve the health and welfare of our patients for over 5 years as of May 7th 2024 under the Collins Family Pharmacy LLC ownership group.